Why do the game photos load slowly or not at all when I’m playing?

After rigorous testing, we’ve determined this issue is an internet connectivity problem. The photos in the game live on an internet server. Weak internet connections make it difficult for the app to get the photos off the server. If it happens to you consistently in one location, but doesn’t happen in other locations, that’s a sign there may be a problem with that location’s internet connection. If it happens consistently at work, your place of employment may have filters limiting internet access. 

Why did the game say my answer was wrong when I know I was right?

We make every effort to use the official Make and Model names for our game app. But we are human and sometimes we make mistakes. And many times, the model’s trim specs or colloquial name is better known than the official name, but we have to use the official name in our vehicle database. For example, everyone knows the Volkswagen Beetle as the Volkswagen Bug, but the official name is Beetle, and that is what appears in the game. 

I loaded my photo, why can’t I see it in my garage?

All content must undergo an approval process before it can be added to the app. This approval process usually takes 2-3 days, but may take up to a week. 

Why was my content rejected?

We will not edit your content, but your content must go through a review process before it can be added to our app. Photos, content and edits can be rejected due to any number of reasons, and those reasons will be spelled out in the rejection email. They include, but are not limited to: 

Inappropriate content: let’s keep it G rated!

Incorrect photo size: we’re fairly flexible on photo sizes, but if the photo is too small, it can’t be cropped for the game without becoming blurry and it will be rejected.

Misspellings: check your spelling before submitting. We won’t edit your content, so if there is a spelling error, it may be rejected. Please correct the spelling and resubmit.

Incorrect or incomplete data: your make and model must match our game’s database of official names to be included in the game—that’s why we use a drop down menu. 

If the make has fewer than four models, it will be rejected because the game requires at least four models for the multiple choice answers.

Rejected edits: Just like your original content, your edits will go through a review process and if the changes to the content are deemed inappropriate, they will be rejected.

I loaded my photo, but I don’t see it in the game?

If you loaded a photo, completed the form correctly and did not receive a rejection email within a week, you should be able see it in your garage. If it’s in your garage, it’s in the game. The game contains thousands of photos, which are selected randomly by the app. So, you just need to keep playing and eventually you will see your photo!

Why won’t my coupon code work?

The coupons offered by our retail partners have expiration dates and certain exclusions may apply. Please make sure your coupon hasn’t expired. We don’t have any control over our retail partners’ checkout systems. Please contact the retailer directly if you’re having trouble redeeming coupons.