Think you know cars?

Play MakeModel.

MakeModel is great. I can mindlessly play this game all day long!
— Goldberg, Dodge Ambassador and Cohost of CarCast

Name that Car.


MakeModel is a game app where players compete to identify a vehicle's make and model from closely cropped photos. Whoever answers the most correctly in the fastest time, wins the game. 

The patent-pending app includes integrated advertising and sponsorships. Brands can get their products in the hands of their target market while consumers are entertaining themselves with the game—literally brand-in-hand messaging. 

This MakeModel app is going to keep me from sleeping!
— Christopher Logan, Indianapolis Speedway

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As an entrepreneur and small business owner in the collector car/exotics market, MakeModel is the most innovative idea I have seen since Bring-A-Trailer auctions.
— Jack Dougherty, The Coveted Garage

Reach auto enthusiasts all day, every day.


MakeModel: Brand-in-Hand Opportunities

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MakeModel is partnering with Wheelwell, the #1 social marketplace for auto enthusiasts. With more than 1 million members, Wheelwell sells the top brands in the aftermarket performance industry.

Wheelwell is sponsoring the Last Week’s Point Leaders board on the Home page, which honors the top three players from the previous week. In addition, MakeModel players will be sent coupon codes redeemable at Wheelwell.

Car photos posted on the Wheelwell Communities can be loaded into the MakeModel game, giving Wheelwell users the chance to show off their custom rides in both platforms. Photo uploads and content are subject to review before they are included in the game.


MakeModel offers a number of ways brands can sponsor content. We can tie player points to retailer or brand loyalty programs. We can create custom achievement badges. We can customize the graphics on the game and challenge Countdown and Results pages.

Brands can sponsor celebrity games and challenges between our influencers and theirs. And we can include sponsor information on our slide out Menu page including information about special offers or upcoming events. 

Other opportunities may be available. If interested, please use the button below to contact us about sponsorships.





The simplest way to get in front of auto enthusiasts is with banner ads on MakeModel. We can place banner ads on the Results page, Home page, Your Stats page as well as the Challenges and Friends pages. Players will see your brand’s messaging as they navigate the app to log in, review the Leaderboard, check their answers, add and challenge friends.

Rates, ad sizes and other terms are subject to change. To learn more, please use the button below to contact us about advertising. 


Additional Opportunities


Upload Photos to Your Garage

Would you like to see your beautiful ride in the MakeModel game? Registered players can upload photos of their vehicles using this form linked below and the photos will live in the player’s MakeModel Garage.

Follow the instructions on the form, be sure to use the drop down menus to identify make, model and year. You can add your name or collection’s name, or can post anonymously. Photo uploads and content are subject to review before they are included in the game. 

For dealers and collectors who would like to upload more than 10 vehicles with a credit line, please contact to make arrangements.


Event Crowd Engagement

The MakeModel principals have all been in the automotive event marketing business for years and understand the importance of keeping crowds engaged at events. The longer you can keep visitors in your footprint to learn about your brand’s benefits, the better.

Our crowd engagement program includes ways to incorporate influencer interactions, the ability to display the game results on a jumbotron and geo-fenced features such as links, page take overs and messaging opportunities that make the application unique to your events.


Customized White Label

MakeModel can offer customized or white label versions of the game.

In addition, we can license our technology for industries outside of automotive.

If you are interested in a customized or white label version of the game, let’s talk. It might be easier than you think. 

You have successfully motivated auto enthusiasts everywhere into voluntarily watching car-related ads.
— VoodooJack, MakeModel player