Think You Can Beat Goldberg?


MakeModel’s New Features Include Goldberg Games, Friend Challenges and Social Sharing

MakeModel is updating its app with a collection of exciting, new features that shift the game into high gear. Among the highlights, players will now be able to test their skills against Dodge ambassador and CarCast cohost Bill Goldberg. “This feature is so much fun. I thought I knew cars, but Goldberg is on another level,” said MakeModel president Mark McCracken. 

The special chance to go up against Goldberg will appear randomly at the end of a game. When the opportunity presents itself, players battle against a real Goldberg game that has been stored digitally. “I’ve been a car enthusiast all my life,” stated Goldberg. “If you think you can beat my time, game on. Who’s next?” Whether contestants win or lose, they can share the results on their social media with distinctive Goldberg graphics. 

Another new feature is the Friend Challenge, where MakeModel competitors can compete against each other to see who can answer the most correctly in the fastest time. “This is the kind of competitive play gamers find addictive,” explained Steve Steward of Big Club Digital. “It’s an opportunity to get bragging rights against your friends!” 

Music and sounds have been added to heighten the game’s intensity and increase the sense of urgency during play. “Antidote Studio (St. Louis) did a fantastic job,” said Mr. McCracken. “They immediately understood the game and put together the right combination of background music and sound effects.” 

MakeModel has also added thousands of vehicle images to the game photo database, courtesy of Daniel Schmitt & Co. Classic Car Gallery of St. Louis. Daniel Schmitt & Co. offers a stunning selection of collectible, luxury and muscle cars, which are sold all over the world. 


“We are extremely happy with this latest version of MakeModel,” said Mr. McCracken. “The entire team has worked very hard to get us here.” 


Not resting on their laurels, MakeModel is building more features, partnerships and specials events that will be announced later in 2019.